Private Yoga Classes

While Calgary's Yoga Studio Sarana is pleased to offer a wide variety of Group, Drop-In and Registered Yoga classes, we also understand that there are times where Private Instruction may be preferred.

To help facilitate this, we are pleased to arrange Private Yoga Classes, (with certified instructors), for individuals, pairs, small groups or families, wanting to learn, progress, or deepen their understanding of yoga, at their own pace.

So why would I be interested in Private Classes?

We find our private classes are a great option for stay-at-home parents, those struggling to find a work-life balance, couples looking to practice together, children or teens who are hindered by age restrictions (or require a little more attention), or those who feel a little intimidated by classes full of experienced yogi's.

For those students who may be more advanced, Private Classes offer a unique opportunity for them to personalize their instruction, accelerate their skills, maximize their learning, and make the most of their time.

This can include the allowance for deeper answers to more complex questions, the break down of postures, personalized alignment instructions and the modification of poses based on therapeutic need, especially if one is suffering from injury or illness.

Private sessions are most beneficial when taken as a part of a multi-session series, as they will be uniquely designed according to a client’s specific needs and goals. As always, all sessions are taught by quality, certified instructors, and will incorporate a strong emphasis on structure and alignment, safe and effective movement, injury prevention, and obtaining maximum benefit from the techniques and exercises.

Cost is $95 ( plus GST ) per hour for one person, or $145 ( plus GST ) per hour for two people.

For more information on this unique learning opportunity or to book an appointment, please call (403) 228-5808 or email us at