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" I started practicing yoga thirty years ago, and during that time I have tried various studios and types of yoga. A few years ago, I discovered the Yoga Studio Sarana, a wonderful studio that I highly recommend to everyone. The studio offers a variety of classes, with a focus on Iyengar Yoga. Students who are new to yoga can take an excellent workshop to learn the basics and then progress to Level 1.

For more experienced students, there are Iyengar Level 2 and 3 classes which provide the chance to refine poses and learn more challenging variations, all with individualized attention to the specific needs of each student. I have taken classes at every level, and I have learned a lot from them all.

In addition, I have attended some amazing workshops with senior teachers, another bonus for students who go to the Yoga Studio Sarana. With its pleasant waiting area, herbal tea, and welcoming staff, the Yoga Studio builds a sense of community for those who come regularly.

And of course, most importantly, the instructors at the studio are well-trained, friendly, and dedicated to what they do. If you want a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with excellent teaching in a clean and sunny space, you should try out Yoga Studio Sarana.
" - SR

"I appreciate the non-judgmental instruction. In other words, there are a great number of poses that I have difficulty with, but all instructors will usually help out, or let me quietly work on it on my own, without making a big deal about it. I like the combination of taking a traditional (Iyengar) class with Yin. Yin is a welcome addition to help those with flexibility issues."

"Instructors are well trained and always giving helpful tips to participants. They make sure participants are working in a healthy way, so no one gets hurt!"

"Awesome studio with an awesome atmosphere. Love the Bengal spice tea!"

"Excellent instructors. Classes are fun and engaging, and very beneficial."

"I am coming back to yoga after a long absence and i am very impressed with the studio and the classes so far."